Charlotte Howard named Info-Marketing Genius Award by the Information Marketing Association. Very rarely a person comes along with the intellect, charisma and ambition to step away from the pack. However, we finally have one. Customers Demand Award for Info-Marketer. The IMA does not give out its genius award to just anyone. It takes someone truly special. However, we had to give in when we heard from dozens of customers about their “Genius” experiences. – Information Marketing Insider’s Journal

I am extremely proud of our genuine expert authors, like you, who are true authorities in their niches and contribute new unique articles every week. The Ezine Articles Team & I look forward to your next set of article submissions so that we can increase your exposure and send targeted, qualified traffic back to your website. Thanks for being part of the Ezine Articles community! – Christopher Knight, CEO Ezine Articles

Charlotte Howard is an early adopter. She is very authentic. She knows her stuff. – Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions

“I’m so glad I found Hair Artist Association. It has been a great experience for me. HAA has been an excellent place for me to network with fellow professionals. While I am not a hair stylist, I am an industry professional and HAA has certainly opened doors for me in so many ways!The mastermind group has allowed me to rub shoulders with like-minded professionals who want to grow their business. The ideas and practical methods that have been generated from this group has expanded my business in a whole new way. I am truly grateful!” – Susan Vincent, CEO Easy Salon Newsletters



“Charlotte is a constant source of new ideas. Creative, passionate, and fun to be around.” – Jeff Beyers

“Charlotte is an exceptional businesswoman who has the strength, desire and ability to lead others down the path to success. Simply Awesome!” – Barry O Canada

“Charlotte is a great team player, someone everyone enjoys working with.” – Lloyd Smith

“Charlotte is one of those rare people who believes the best way to help herself is by first serving and giving other their personal best” – Lionel Spearman

“Charlotte Howard is smart and savvy. She sensed immediately where my business was heading and went about giving me specific suggestions and tools that allowed me to see my situation in a clearer light and make the necessary adjustments. But I can’t end without mentioning how kind and generous she was in the process. She comes highly recommended! Thank you Charlotte!” -Joel Cooper