Time Management – The Importance Of Delegating Tasks

One way that many people can increase their productivity, and thereby improve upon their overall time management skills is through learning to delegate responsibilities to others. Whether in personal or professional life “no man is an island unto himself.”

When time constraints and looming deadlines threaten, it is not the weak person, but the strong one, that can assign some of the burden to others.

Many people with time management difficulties simply have taken on too much. In one’s personal life it can be difficult to say “no” and in one’s professional life it can be downright impossible. An angry boss or supervisor is not something anyone wants to deal with. If you find yourself in a crunch that you can’t possibly get out of, this may be the time when you simply must call in the reinforcements.

Whenever possible a team approach to large projects and difficult tasks should be adopted in the professional world. While some people may have a difficult time trusting others to carry their share of the load, learning to delegate can be an important step in to more effectively using your time.

Decide upon what skills you have, and which aspects of the project are most suited to your own level of ability and creativity. Assign smaller tasks, such as running copies, doing research work, to others. This frees up your time and energy to concentrate on the more important aspects of the job.

At home tasks can be delegated to other family members. Even the youngest child can learn to do some chores, such as picking up toys, or putting towels on a shelf.

By requiring children to share some of the burden of household chores you are also teaching them to be responsible, and helping them prepare for adulthood.

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How to Create a Workable System for Success!

Running your own business is rewarding and fun – but also involves a number of important elements. You already have your vision and you’ve identified your goals and are working very hard to achieve them!

There are four major steps which you need to control in order to manage your time and ensure that it is used effectively.

1. Organize. Make a list of your procedures – and as you list them and add more, ensure that your present methods are sufficiently organized towards your success. If they are, wonderful – but don’t sit back! Consider further ways of improving and streamlining them. If your answer to your question is “no,” then take some time and come up with ways of improving your operating procedures – and make sure you follow them!

2. Prioritize. Now that you have a list of operational procedures, place them in a priorities list, according to their importance. Consider what needs to be done first and then arrange the others in descending order of importance to your business.

3. Deputize. Maybe a better word would be “delegate.” This is where you decide who does what in your business. Examine your staff’s performance in different areas. If you have an employee who has shown a natural aptitude for a specific task or area, then perhaps that person is ripe for promotion. Place your people in areas where they excel and you will have a happier and more fulfilled group working alongside you to success!

4. Supervise. Of course, you have a supervisor overseeing your employees but you are the boss and you need to make certain that you also monitor your staff’s performance – without getting in their way! If you see one of them performing their duties in a manner you don’t like, be sure you have explained and demonstrated how you want it done in a positive and constructive way. In this manner, you will have created a better relationship with that person and also made certain that your business is being conducted in the way you want.