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Time Management – The Importance Of Delegating Tasks

One way that many people can increase their productivity, and thereby improve upon their overall time management skills is through learning to delegate responsibilities to others. Whether in personal or professional life “no man is an island unto himself.”

When time constraints and looming deadlines threaten, it is not the weak person, but the strong one, that can assign some of the burden to others.

Many people with time management difficulties simply have taken on too much. In one’s personal life it can be difficult to say “no” and in one’s professional life it can be downright impossible. An angry boss or supervisor is not something anyone wants to deal with. If you find yourself in a crunch that you can’t possibly get out of, this may be the time when you simply must call in the reinforcements.

Whenever possible a team approach to large projects and difficult tasks should be adopted in the professional world. While some people may have a difficult time trusting others to carry their share of the load, learning to delegate can be an important step in to more effectively using your time.

Decide upon what skills you have, and which aspects of the project are most suited to your own level of ability and creativity. Assign smaller tasks, such as running copies, doing research work, to others. This frees up your time and energy to concentrate on the more important aspects of the job.

At home tasks can be delegated to other family members. Even the youngest child can learn to do some chores, such as picking up toys, or putting towels on a shelf.

By requiring children to share some of the burden of household chores you are also teaching them to be responsible, and helping them prepare for adulthood.

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How To End Discounting Forever And Make More Money

Are you discounting your services to get business? It’s a common practice among salons, but it’s an expensive and ineffective way of attracting good, solid repeat clients.

What makes it so expensive? Let’s say you offer a $10 discount to 5 clients each week.  That means you will lose $2,600 per year in cold hard cash.  That’s like paying an extra month of rent. Just think how much back bar and retail product you could buy with that kind of money!  

But many salons and spas use discounting as a primary marketing tool. I think it’s largely because they don’t realize there are far more effective methods for getting new clients, methods that ultimately turn prospects into solid, repeat clients.

And then there’s the other ugly problem with discounting: It sets the client up to expect it again and again.

How to fix the problem

First, understand what’s going on with the public. Although 90% of Americans are working, there is still concern for the 9-10% that aren’t. That means consumers are looking for value to justify spending their money. The public needs to feel they’re getting more for their money.

So here’s the good news: instead of blaming the economy, use it to your advantage. Bundle services together in a package at an unbeatable price. For example:

“$286 in spa/salon services for an incredible $99!”

Here’s a sample from a partial hair ad:

FREE Semi-Permanent Colour Shine valued at $65

FREE Tingling Scalp Massage valued at $12

FREE Spa Gloss & Hydration Hair Treatment valued at $28

That’s $105 in value. 

It doesn’t really cost you $28 to do a hair treatment.  At most it will cost you $1.  And if you get the client in for $99 you’re way ahead, especially if you compare it to having an empty chair.

The same is true for the aforementioned hand massage. It doesn’t cost $24 to do a hand massage, but it does take some skill, sometimes even a certain technique. Give the hand massage a special name to reflect its uniqueness and the subsequent value.

Remember to place a value on your consultation time as well. It’s a service you already provide; place a value on it.

As you may have guessed, this type of marketing is called value-adding. It places the focus on more, not less. It also creates a WOW effect for prospects and current customers. Just think of what you can do with hair treatments!

Use Packages To Promote Other Services

Use packages to add complementary services with your offer like a light makeover. Then sell the make-up products. It just takes a little bit of your time and some make-up. Clients rarely leave without buying something!

Package offers together with a service you want your clients to know of and start using. When I owned my small spa, we did this all the time. It’s an incredible tool for building awareness and hooking people on another part of your business.

The Rule Of Three

If you arm yourself with this important mind shift, from discounting to value-adding, you can attract the clients you really want in your salon or spa. Focus on value, never discounting.

Just remember, get prospects back in three times and they are usually yours for life. The sooner you stop discounting and start value-adding, the quicker you’ll gain more clients, make more money and stand out from the pack. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

About the author: HAA member, Susan Vincent owned a small spa in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia for 10 years. She is the now the owner and writer of Easy Salon Newsletters, a done-for-you newsletter service that provides hair, skincare, make-up tips and a bit of humor for salons and spas around the world.