Online Marketing

Are You The Best Network Marketing Tool?

New and experienced network marketers alike are constantly in search of the best network marketing tool. Have you been searching as well? You want something that you can trust and depend on to work for you . . .and of course, something that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Well, I have some very good news for you! The very best network marketing tool is absolutely free and here’s the real good part. . .you already have it!

Because this “secret” tool happens to be you. . . yourself. Ok, now you could be confused so let me explain. I’ll have to back up a bit. Let’s first talk about the tools that you don’t want to use in Network Marketing. Whatever you do, do not try to promote your network marketing company with the tools that they offer you: the fliers, the catalogues and no, not even the website. You can show this to your prospects later but here is the golden rule that you want to keep in mind.

The people that you want to be your team members (your downline) do not care about the business that you are involved in. They don’t. No matter how great the business is and no matter how many people this business has helped. . .your potential downline does not care. Do you want to know what they do care about? They care if YOU can show them how to be successful with their network marketing company.

They care if YOU will be there to answer their questions. They care that YOU are excited about the business. That’s right. In the ever-growing world of online network marketing, where it’s hard to attach a person to all the hype and offers out there, your potential customers and your potential team members are looking for someone that they can trust.

Someone that they can count on. Someone who will lead them in the right direction. Someone who is real. They too are looking for that infamous business-saving network marketing tool. What better to offer them than yourself? So, now all you have to do is go out there and introduce yourself. Let everyone know that you’re out there and you’re willing to help them succeed. There are many, many ways to do this.

Here are just 3 of the quick,easy and free:

1) Set up a Hubpages account. Include your picture and a small bio about yourself. Fill in whatever else you can. Write an article about yourself. It can be about how you help people succeed in network marketing. Or. . .it doesn’t have to be. Just write about something that you know and can help someone understand.

Make comments on other people’s hubpages. they will see your comments and take a look at your hub. This is how you start introducing yourself.

2)Set up a facebook account. Let people know about your status. Make it interesting with comments like “Just helped someone get their first lead! I love my business!”

3) Register on Twitter and update your “tweets”. This is similar to what you do on Facebook. . .but do it in 140 characters or less. Again, make it interesting and make it personal and don’t be promotional. . .the name of the game is “offer value” and let people see who you are.

Realize that you yourself are the best network marketing tool and capitalize on that!

4 Tips For Building your List

As more internet based businesses are started, the need to develop new marketing skills and knowledge is a very crucial part of business. More and more marketing strategies are being discovered and developed to cope with the changing face of business.

The demand for online marketing tips and strategies have drastically grown and a new form of business has been born. While there are companies that are very eager to help your site and business build a clientele for a fee. There are also many ways that can spread the word about your sites in a more cost free way. One of this is Opt-in email marketing, also known as permission marketing.

Opt-in marketing requires the permission of a willing customer to subscribe to your marketing materials, materials that take form in newsletters, catalogs and promotional mailings via e-mail. The more opt-in marketing mail is sent, the more chances there is to catch up on more sales. To do this, you must build a list of all those who wants to subscribe to your opt-in marketing list.

From your list, you will get your targeted customer, this is a good list since they already have shown interest in what you have to offer. These are the people who have liked what they have seen in your site and have decided they want to see more and maybe even purchase what ever product or service your company and site has to offer.

Many people think that building their lists would take hard work and a lot of time to build. This is not so, it takes a bit of patience and some strategies but in doing this list, you open your site and your business to a whole new world of target market. Take the effort to take your business to a new level, if traffic increase and good profits are what you want, an opt-in list will do wonders for your business venture.

There are many sources and articles in the internet available for everyone to read and follow in building a list. Different groups of people have different approaches in building an opt-in list, but no matter how diverse many methods are, there are always some crucial things to do to build your list.

Here are 4 tips:

1) Put up a good web form in your site that immediately follows the end of your content. While some may say this is too soon to subscribe for a website visitors application, try to remember that your homepage should provide a quick good impression. If somehow a website visitor finds something that he or she doesn’t like and turns them off, they may just forget about signing up.

A good web form for subscribing to an opt-in list is not hard to do. Just write a simple short statement about how they would like to see more and get updated about the site. Then there should be an area where they could put in their names and e-mail address. This web form will automatically save and send you the information they inputted. As more people sign in, your list will begin growing.

2) As mentioned in the first tip, make your homepage very, very impressive. You need to have well written articles and descriptions of your site. Depending on what your site is all about, you need to capture your website visitor’s fancy. Make your site useful and very easy to use. Do not expect everyone to be tech savvy. Invest in having good programming in your site, make your graphics beautiful but don’t over do it.

Don’t waste your time making the homepage too overly large megabyte wise. Not all people have dedicated T1 connections, the faster your site gets loaded, the better. Go for a look that borders between simplicity and sophisticated knowledge.

3) Provide good service and products. A return customer is more likely to bring in more business. Even a satisfied customer will recommend a business always. Word of mouth and recommendations alone can rake in more business than an expensive ad. As your clientele roster grows so shall your list. With more members on the list, the more people will get to know about you and what you have to offer them.

4) Keep a clean and private list. Never lose the trust your customers have in you. If you provide e-mails to others and they get spammed, many will probably unsubscribe to your list. Remember, a good reputation will drive in more traffic and subscribers as well as strengthen the loyalty of your customers.