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5 Reasons People Will Decide to Buy Your Beauty Salon Products and Services Online

5 Reasons People Will Decide to Buy Your Beauty Salon Products and Services Online

If you sell anything online, it’s very important for you to understand why people shop and ultimately buy online. This kind of information can go a long way toward helping you design your sales pages, ads and much more.

You might think that the reasons people buy online are all the same; primarily price. But you would be wrong. The reality is price is far down the list. It’s a given that the online prices are typically lower, given that there isn’t any visible overhead. However, there are some very specific and sometimes surprising reasons people give for purchasing online.


So let’s take a peek at 5 of the top reasons people will buy your products and services online.

Salon Products5 Top reasons why people will buy your beauty salon products and services online

They get a wider choice of goods – Shopping online offers a greater choice when it comes to buying. Most offline stores can’t carry every color, size and large quantities of each. Not so with a warehouse!

Social proof: reviews from other shoppers – People do care about what others think, especially when it comes to parting with their money for a product or service. They don’t want to be the first one to eat an oyster, so to speak, and give sometimes unmerited trust to online reviews.

It’s a huge time saver – In a day and age when none of us have a spare moment to call our own, the ability to shop from you’re your desk or your phone while vegging out on the couch is a blessing. Not only does this save us from being forced to venture out in the our cars, burn gas, and careen all over town, the very idea of doing it all form home and having it delivered to our door is appealing.

Free shipping – One of the top reasons people give for buying online is the ability to get free shipping. On many occasions, it’s been shown that free shipping trumps even a more lucrative price discount! Go figure!

Drop dead easy returns – In the unlikely event you don’t love your item, having a great guarantee together with a no-hassle return policy often is the tipping point when it comes to buying online!

Hair Artist Association Shares Paul Brown Hawaii’s Hapuna Beach

From Paul Brown Hawwaii’s Classic Hapuna Product Line comes HAA’s featured product: Hapuna Beach.

As you may already know, Paul Brown built his career in the beauty industry as well as his Day Spas and Product Line from the Hawaiian Islands. Drawing from the islands’ natural surroundings, the Paul Brown Hawaii team developed a series of high-quality hair products that suit every hair type. Click the image above to explore the full range of natural products and services that Paul Brown Hawaii offers.

Learn more about Hapuna Beach:

What is it for?
A refreshing breath of surf hair, featuring Pure Hawaiian Artesian Waters, Sea Essences, and Seashells from the Hapuna Bay.

What does it do?
Gives you windswept, day-at-the-beach texture and thickness you can love all year long. Hapuna Beach is a wonderful texturing fixative, providing excellent style support.

Developed to re-create that beach and surf feeling to hair. If you would like to experience the Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Beach and you are in the Charleston South Carolina and Surrounding Areas Contact Charlotte Howard.