Why Should You Have a Business Website

Are you hurting your business? Business owners don’t realize the value of a website. You can continue to make excuses about having a website, or just take action.

One of the greatest challenges with business owners is having a professionally created website. It is very necessary to have a professionally created business website in order to be found online by clients or customers.

If you are not online you will get left behind. A business website is the main hub for people to learn more about how you can help them.

Many business owners find it very challenging to pay for a professionally created website. In my opinion you can’t afford not to have a professional website created.

Stop making excuses; there are several ways to get a professional business website created for little to no cost. So I’m going to share a couple of ways you can have a professional business website created.

1. You can barter. When you barter, you would just exchange a service you provide with a service you need. The only thing it cost is for you both to keep your promise.

2. You can grab an already created template website. This would take a little time to complete, but it’s free. If you google free website builder you will be able to find several.

3. You can pay someone to do a simple website by out sourcing. There are many freelancing websites that have people who can do a professional business website. You just need to post what you want in detail and let them bid. You get to choose who you want and pay them once the job is complete to your satisfaction. Some great places can be found by googling freelancing websites.

In conclusion there is no need to let your business suffer, just because you need a professional business website and can’t afford it. Start somewhere, because you owe it to your business to have a professional website.

Automated Client Contact Management Program

Charlotte Howard

Are you confused on how to use an automated contact management program for your business, which will increase your productivity and sales. If you are even the slightess bit confused, I have found a very unique client management program that is easy to use and require no upfront capital providing you use the below link.

As you may know client contact management is a very important part of doing business. It allows you to keep in touch with your clients by helping you to build a relationship with them.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about the program that I use called Oprius. Oprius Software Incorporated is a Victoria, BC based company. Oprius provides online productivity tools for the Independent Sales Professionals.

In November 2005, Oprius was founded, the company has been developing its Internet-based service, offering a basic version, foundations for free since 2006. Their fully featured product was launched in August 2007.

The Oprius founders are: Alan Smith, the Chief Executive Officer; Owen Mead-Robins, the V.P. Operator; Jason Chu, the Code Sensei; Wendy Weiss, the Sales Trainer and Author; Ty Tribble, the Blogger and Network Marketing Distributor; Rod Nichols, the Author and Recruiting Trainer; Randee McLee, the Motivational and Sales Trainer; Terri Levine, the Leadership and Sales Trainer; Josh Hinds, the Motivational Trainer; Dane Carlson, the Small Business Expert and Blogger; Gregory Carr, the Network Marketing Distributor and Sales Trainer; Dale Calvert, the Recruiter and Trainer; Robert Butwin, the MLM Success Coach; James Blakemore, the Motivational Trainer and Network Marketing Distributor and; Peter Arnold, the Home Business Coach.

Now if you Google the creators names you will know that this group of professionals are legitimate and really care about providing value to sales professionals like You and I.

They are offering you the ability to use Oprius in a subscription-only plan, with on-going usage running $14.99 per month. They do not limit the number of contacts, tasks, emails, or anything in Oprius. They also do not charge anyone for using Oprius for a full 30 day free trial using my official Oprius link.

As your business is growing, you pay the same price with no hidden costs or need to upgrade to another version. Oprius offers an easy-to-use Permission Manager for them to keep track of which Contacts have given their permission to receive group mailings.

They want to ensure that your Contacts want to receive the Emails you are sending to them. By mailing them a Permission Request through Oprius will reassure them that their privacy is respected. You don’t need to download or install anything on your computer; all you need is an Internet connection and web browser.

By that, updating installment is not needed. And if you store your data in Oprius, you own it. Therefore you can input and export data from your account whenever you like. No one from Oprius will look at or use your personal data without your consent. You can enter anything that happens on an ongoing basis, such as a work schedule or your date with your girl, you can create recurring Appointments or Tasks. Oprius will automatically add these dates to your Calendar or Task List for you.

If you have decided to stop using Oprius for some reason, you can export all your Contact information into a number of formats. Your data is safely secured and waiting for you if you decide to reactivate your account again.