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How Much Does Your Beauty Salon Business “Freebie”Cost?

How Much Does Your Beauty Salon Business “Freebie”Cost?

Everyone loves free, other than the people who must pay for it. This is the unsaid truth that exists behind any “free” marketing method or campaign. There is normally, though not always, a real cost in terms of time and money.

Salon CostSo when you’re tempted to offer something for free, be sure to count the cost in every way you need to, in order to make sure your free content, bonus gift or other promotional label you chose to give is affordable. It’s time for you to take a close look at the costs you’ll incur along the road to a freebie.

So what “free” promotions are we referring to?

The biggest places we see free work its way into our beauty salon businesses is with the act of gathering email addresses. Offering a freebie is standard operating procedure, and will not be changing anytime soon. In most cases we are offered a free ebook, report, video series, e-course, webinar or email series in return for our email address and other contact information.

What you must know is that there are costs associated with the creation of these freebies. Let’s take a look at several of the actual hard costs you’ll need to deal with in the creation of your freebies.

  • Creating the content – Someone must write, film, record whatever content you are producing. Unless that’s totally you, you’ll pay for this.
  • Designing the squeeze page or landing page – There are some great softwares out there, but they cost as well. And we know how much designers cost.
  • Production costs and shipping – If you need to manufacture a hard product, chances are you’ll have to pay to get it where it’s going.
  • Marketing funnel hard costs – Email autoresponders, setup costs for technical aspects, webinar charges. GoToWebinar for instance, charges at the bare minimum $99 a month for their lowest plan, which allows only 100 attendees. (to be fair, there are other lower-priced services)
  • Advertising – Are you going to be taking out ads for this freebie in order to attract the widest possible audience?

While it is still a smart idea to use this type of bribe to build a list of email subscribers, you should be aware of what your freebie really costs, and factor that into the cost per lead.

5 Reasons People Will Decide to Buy Your Beauty Salon Products and Services Online

5 Reasons People Will Decide to Buy Your Beauty Salon Products and Services Online

If you sell anything online, it’s very important for you to understand why people shop and ultimately buy online. This kind of information can go a long way toward helping you design your sales pages, ads and much more.

You might think that the reasons people buy online are all the same; primarily price. But you would be wrong. The reality is price is far down the list. It’s a given that the online prices are typically lower, given that there isn’t any visible overhead. However, there are some very specific and sometimes surprising reasons people give for purchasing online.


So let’s take a peek at 5 of the top reasons people will buy your products and services online.

Salon Products5 Top reasons why people will buy your beauty salon products and services online

They get a wider choice of goods – Shopping online offers a greater choice when it comes to buying. Most offline stores can’t carry every color, size and large quantities of each. Not so with a warehouse!

Social proof: reviews from other shoppers – People do care about what others think, especially when it comes to parting with their money for a product or service. They don’t want to be the first one to eat an oyster, so to speak, and give sometimes unmerited trust to online reviews.

It’s a huge time saver – In a day and age when none of us have a spare moment to call our own, the ability to shop from you’re your desk or your phone while vegging out on the couch is a blessing. Not only does this save us from being forced to venture out in the our cars, burn gas, and careen all over town, the very idea of doing it all form home and having it delivered to our door is appealing.

Free shipping – One of the top reasons people give for buying online is the ability to get free shipping. On many occasions, it’s been shown that free shipping trumps even a more lucrative price discount! Go figure!

Drop dead easy returns – In the unlikely event you don’t love your item, having a great guarantee together with a no-hassle return policy often is the tipping point when it comes to buying online!

Beauty Salon Professionals: Facebook Is an Awesome Tool for Business, but Only When Wielded Awesomely


With nearly 10 billion users, Facebook is easily the most widely used social network in the world. If Facebook were a country with a seat at the U.N., it would have the third largest population, behind China and India. And like China and India, Facebook (should we call it Facebookistan?) features its own specific customs and norms, and you should understand and follow them so that you can capitalize on the site’s potential as a tool for promoting and growing your business. When I see beauty salon businesses faceplant on Facebook, it’s often because they don’t invest some time to learn Facebookistan’s customs.

Tread lightly

What makes Facebook different from other social networks? It’s the fact that users have strong ties with each other. They are connected to their best friends, their family members, their in-laws as well as their long-lost friends from grade school. They share intimate areas of their lives. Such things as:

  • Birthday celebrations
  • High school graduation footage
  • Baby photos
  • Wedding announcements
  • Anniversaries

The upshot for beauty salon businesses? They need to be conscientious and careful within their technique. You can’t use the old forms of one-way, direct-response marketing on Facebook, since people aren’t there to listen to sales pitches. They’re not in a buying mindset. They’re in a socializing mindset. You should respect that.

Keep it real (for real)

If you are trying to port the old model of marketing into Facebook, you will be disappointed. “With Facebook, beauty salon business owners of any size can do effective, word-of-mouth marketing at scale for the very first time,” says Annie Ta, a Facebook spokesperson. “But Facebook is all about authenticity, so if your beauty salon business is not being authentic or engaging with users in a way that feels genuine, the community will see through it.”

If you’re doing it right, it’s hard

Don’t be fooled by social media “gurus” who make wild promises about effortless Facebook success. Social media is all about building relationships and influence—and this needs time to work. Many organizations are under the impression that if they set up a page on Facebook, that’s all they need to do. Marketing on Facebook is an incredibly effective way to reach local beauty salon clients and customers (we wouldn’t be talking about it if it weren’t). But here’s the rub: it’s also demanding (and rewarding) if you’re doing it correctly. The payback is definitely worth the investment in time and attention. According to a study from Social Media Examiner, nearly two-thirds of small businesses engaged in social media state that Facebook has enhanced their overall marketing success, and 80 percent report forming new partnerships after just two years of participation.

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