Being a salon professional opens the door for a lot of amazing opportunities. The ten techniques I am sharing with you today will help you market and sell your salon services in such a way that you will attract more salon business.

1. Consulting– Give your salon customers advice on topics related to your salon products or services. You can consult via phone,e-mail, groups or online chat.

2. E-Book– Compile salon related product information or beauty instructions into an ebook. You could publish it in pdf.

3. Customer’s Only Discussion Board– Create a group online for your salon customers to communicate about your business or similar information.

4. E-mail Newsletter– Publish an informative e-zine that keeps your salon customers informed of important or helpful information related to their salon purchase.

5. Private Web Site– Give access to a private part of your web site where salon customers can find helpful information non salon customers can’t access.

6. Download Coupons– Allow your salon customers to download coupons that’s similar to or compliments their main salon purchase.

7. VIP Card– Give salon customers an exclusive vip card that will help them save more money in the salon and at other retail stores they buy from everyday.

8. Workshop– Teach your salon customers how to use your salon products or about a service that relates to their salon purchase.

9. Online Video– Allow salon customers to download a related how-to video or informative salon seminar right over the internet.

10. Online Audio– Allow salon customers to download and listen to a recording of you being interviewed right over the internet.