A great way to increase your sales is to make it easier for your clients to buy from you! Every business accepts different forms of payment – but what if you could over-deliver by offering your clients a choice of payment options such as “try before you buy” and perhaps “pay later” or even “staggered payments.” Here are six strategies which will appeal to your clients and visibly improve your sales!

1. Free samples. Offer your customer a free sample of the service or product – just a little bite – because we want them to return and buy the whole product and enjoy all its features!

2. Client’s choice. Show your product at its regular price – then offer to add a second product to it at for a small increase in total price. You’re giving your clients the opportunity to choose what they want to pay – and your sales will increase!

3. A freebie. Still the most popular word in the world – offering a free sample or trial for a pre-determined time shows that you have full confidence in your product or service and are eager to demonstrate it to your clients.

4. Give something back – over-deliver! Show your customer how confident you are in the quality of your product or service by offering a 10% cash rebate once they have purchased and used it. Generally, they will forget to request the rebate and your sales will have increased in the meantime!

5. Buy now, pay later! Perhaps your customers would prefer that you bill them later. Offer to bill them a month after they purchase the product or service – this will give them time to benefit from it and then return for another purchase, ensuring that you turn your customer into a repeat buyer

6. Run a tab! Would your customer prefer to pay for the product or service over time – at so much per month or week? Discuss how much each payment will be and make it sound as if this is a special arrangement – just between the two of you! In this way, you keep the customer who may not be able to afford the full price – and you also have their gratitude for offering excellent customer service!