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Some Startling Traffic News About Pinterest

images (6)So, let’s have a quick show of hands: how many of you thought Pinterest was just another place to post your photos, as well as pick up some easy links. Don’t be embarrassed, most of us had no idea Pinterest would become the traffic monster it’s fast morphing into, and even fewer imagined traffic from there would convert. Think again!

5 Amazing statistics about Pinterest that will change the way you think about it!

  1. According to Mashable Pinterest has now outstripped Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ COMBINED in terms of traffic!
  2. Think this is junk traffic? Think again! Traffic from Pinterest is converting at rates 50 percent more than the rest.
  3. Pinterest Pins are apparently evergreen, delivering traffic, clicks and sales months after they‘ve been pinned!
  4. Guess which photo sharing site produces 4X more revenue than Twitter and a full 27 percent greater than Facebook? Good guess, Pinterest!
  5. And exactly how much more revenue? Well a study by Piqora discovered that a single Pin is now worth $0.78 in sales, a figure that is rising some 25 percent per year.

So how to take advantage of Pinterest traffic?

Getting the best results from Pinterest is a matter of deciding to make it an inclusive part of your social media marketing plans. It’s simply not enough to slap a Pin It button on your blog posts or images and pray for the best. Here are a few ideas to make Pinterest work for you.

First know what you can pin. It’s not just images. You can pin your blog posts, videos, slideshows, book and report covers, templates and Powerpoint presentations. Create your own Pinterest account and link back to your products and services. Pinterest is very easy to set up and use, and with the volume of traffic and conversions coming from it now, you’d be wise to get onboard!

New Foursquare Ad Platform Beauty Salon Business Should Use

foursquare-checkin-tig-global-blogMashable is reporting that location based social networking company Foursquare is currently testing a new advertising platform created for small business, by permitting large advertisers like Burger King, Gap and Starwood Hotels to test promote themselves on the platform. These listings show up in Foursquare when a customer gets close to a business’ geographic location. Small businesses already had the ability to offer discounts when a user checked in to a location, but now Foursquare is offering them a way to attract geographically close customers by showing an image ad and/or review by a previous Foursquare user.

Why this may be a good idea for Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social networking site for mobile devices, such as smartphones. Its users “check in” wherever they are using a mobile website, with a text message or a device-specific app. Foursquare locates them through the GPS in their mobile device. While Foursquare has until now been an easy method for consumers to share their hangouts, favorite places and eateries, now they are allowing these places the capability to advertise themselves directly to consumers. Foursquare, while seemingly successful with over 25 million registered users, they have been singularly unimpressive when it comes to earning money. They made a paltry $2 million last year, according to The Wall Street Journal, and are searching for ways to increase the cash flow.

How the new ads work

The way this works is the ad platform targets Foursquare users based upon their locations and check-in histories. Merchants will and do have the ability to target nearby consumers with particular tastes – a predilection for fine dining, for instance, clients or customers who had previously checked-in to their store. Merchants in this program are able to turn on and off their Foursquare promotions any time they want, and are being charged similar to a pay per click model, that is, they will be charged only on a “per action” basis (when a user actually taps on a promoted listing rather than merely viewing it). So far, Foursquare is charging $0.50 to $3 per action, but that’s subject to change when it is rolled out to the masses. Foursquare CRO Steven Rosenblatt said, “Small businesses are willing to pay for local advertising if it makes sense.”

Managing Your Beauty Salon Business Reputation Doesn’t Mean to Become a Doormat

download (1)It can be simply amazing the speed at which world events can be sent around the Web via social media, and if that word is bad and happens to concern you or your company, you should have a plan of defense. If you’ve made an egregious error, it is possible to deal with that, short of getting into it with others online defending yourself. You won’t win that one, whether you’re right or not.

What if you ARE right?

There are occasions when through no fault of your own, the defecation hits the rotary blades. There are lots of ways this could come about, for instance a boisterous unhappy client or customer, wrong or inaccurate press, or even contributions from devious competitors. So while it’s extremely unfair, the fact remains that everybody is talking trash about you and your company. How does one handle that? Since we realize that we don’t want to slug it out in public, how can you keep from appearing the total wimp to the world?

Be sure and stick to your core message!

If you have sufficient belief in your core message then you need to prove it by sticking to your guns when others would attempt to put in their two cents. This opposition usually comes through social media as negative comments and complaints concerning your products, services, or particularly any changes you might have made. No one likes change, especially to things they enjoy or purchase. On the other hand, major time, thought and energy probably went into your brand new products or product changes. To roll with each and every whim of a capricious public is to invite disaster. Make sure you answer every post though, with your characteristic diplomacy and customer care, but leave no question that you stand behind your products and services.

How to do this right – Sticking to your message with Shake Shack reports an excellent example of sticking by your brand when you’re right by New York City eatery Shake Shack. Their cardinal sin: modifying the shape of their french fries! Before you could open the ketchup bottle people were launching into them on Twitter. Rather than continuing the fight by tossing more fries, Shake Shack made the smart play, answering their critics with compassion and care, yet standing by their new product 100 percent. Sounds like a recipe for success to me!