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Beauty Salon Professionals Are You Using Pinterest Yet? (You Should Be)


I know, I know. You don’t have the time for an alternate social network. Nevertheless I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t talk up Pinterest, as this image-centric social network has become an amazing spot for beauty salon businesses to:

  • Meet new customers
  • Boost website traffic
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Drive sales activity

So let’s run through why this visual social network so cool—and so effective as a marketing strategy.

Visually pleasing! Less whining!

Instead of being a platform for tedious updates of what people ate for breakfast or ALL CAPS rants from your weird uncle, Pinterest is all about bringing people together who have common interests, whether it’s fashion, beauty, art, food, crafts, architecture, photography, cocktail recipes, interior name it. Copyblogger contributor Beth Hayden sums up Pinterest very well with this quote: “Pinterest is visually appealing, positive, and unlike Facebook, there isn’t any whining.” Can I get an amen?!

Why are marketers so energized about Pinterest?

For starters, the site is incredibly popular. Last year, in a five month span, Pinterest rocketed to a jaw-dropping 10 million users. No one was expecting it. Even social media watchers were caught off guard. Almost overnight Pinterest became a MAJOR driver of online traffic. Get this: Pinterest drives more traffic than YouTube, Google and LinkedIn—combined. Here’s another thing: users love Pinterest. They can’t get enough. It’s addictive. As per comScore data Pinterest users average 89 minutes monthly on the site and Google users average just 3 minutes per month.

So what?

Why should beauty salon businesses like yours care about Pinterest? It’s really quite simple. First of all, the site is a low-key, non-threatening method to meet consumers who are passionate about what you’re interested in! This built-in permission makes it possible to build new relationships with others in your target market. Secondly, Pinterest is a fantastic place showcase your products or services, stay top of mind and grow your “tribe” of like-minded people. Just create an account. You’ll see an array of businesses on the site, such as…

  • Beauty Salon Businesses
  • Hair Artists
  • Makeup Artists
  • Fitness Coaches
  • Yoga Studios
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Jewelry Makers

The list is endless.

No excuses; start pinning!

Most businesses tend to swiftly think of reasons why they shouldn’t use social media—nevertheless the truth is, many sell themselves short and don’t become involved because they don’t think they have a natural place in a certain network. Now, if you run a bookkeeping business, maybe Pinterest isn’t the best fit, but then again, it’s quite possible that you might be a trailblazer and use Pinterest to showcase your business and have great success. Hey, if a plumbing franchise in Waco, Texas can make Pinterest benefit their business, you can too! It’s just too easy to sell yourself short and come up with reasons to remain on the sidelines!

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Marketing: What Is Marketing, What Marketing Is Not and How To Use Marketing Effectively

First of all “Marketing” is NOT a division of doing business like Advertising. Marketing IS what you DO for prospects. The BENEFITS. No one “markets a salon”. No one does business with “a salon”. People DO business with people.

As a Hairdresser/Stylist, you do NOT “do hair”. Marketing is speaking about DOING something for your prospect. As in when your prospect asks you:

“What do you ‘DO’ ?” Your best response: “If you would like to look more successful, more powerful, sexier, attracting more people and money into your life… That’s what I can do for you.” Prospect: “Wow! Tell me how I can get that.”

When you understand that ALL people, (even YOU) are focused, listening to the same radio station in your head: “W.I.I.F.M.” (What’s In It For Me)… only then when you speak to what’s important to THEM, your prospect and state WHAT you can DO for THEM… the BENEFITS of doing ANYTHING with you… only then will you have them interested in DOING business with you.

When you want to learn WHAT BENEFITS your prospect/client really wants, ASK them a QUESTION. When they reply with a specific BENEFIT, then ASK them another question: “What’s important to you about (BENEFIT)?” When you can dig down to the feeling they associate with what’s important to them, then you have the real BENEFIT they are seeking. The answers will amaze you.

But, the most important thing to get here is that no one, not you, not me does a technical thing for anybody. What we DO… is deliver BENEFITS for our prospects.

When you speak to WHAT is IMPORTANT and BENEFICIAL to your prospects/clients you will understand what Marketing is. This works in writing as well. No one cares about you until they see or hear how much you care about them.

It’s all about the BENEFITS. What it DOES…

You can also find out WHAT you DO for prospects by reading their testimonials. It’s NOT about the hair. It IS What getting their hair cut, coloured, improved or changed has given them: “higher pay,” “better relationships,” “looking more attractive,” “feeling more confident,” “absolutely more sexy,” “more compliments”, etcetera…

~JonathanAt HairArtiste

P.S. KEY NOTE: “I’m a…” is not the way a person starts a statement about marketing themselves or their business. It’s NOT about you. It IS about your prospect. They are asking YOU: W.I.I.F.M. … What’s In It For Me? What’s the BENEFIT I get for doing business with you? And YOU cannot know that without asking them: “What’s important to you about your_____? (fill in the blank with: hair, skin, nails, etc.) By the way… Always Be Marketing… it’s NOT a part-time thing, it IS your main number one job.

P.P.S. The words of Vidal Sassoon sums it up: “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good.”

Creating Your Salon Business and Setting Your Personal Lifestyle Goals

Some people set goals to reflect only their salon business interests; others set only personal lifestyle goals. Once you get comfortable setting and reaching goals in one area, however, you may want to seriously think about setting and reaching goals in all areas of your life. The following are some ideas for you to create your salon business and lifestyle goals:

Personal Lifestyle Goals

There are a variety of goals that can come under the heading of personal lifestyle goals. You can break this category down much further into areas of your personal lifestyle that you would like to improve. For example, you may set relationship goals, self-improvement goals, personal issues that relate to your body, such as weight-loss or fitness goals, or even personal health goals.

Salon Professional Goals

This is one area where most people are comfortable setting goals. Salon professional goals usually have something to do with improving an area of your salon work life, such as preparing yourself to qualify for a certain salon job or improving on an area in your current salon job. Salon professional goals may also relate to getting the required education to qualify for a better salon job, or perhaps learning a new skill to start
your own salon business.

Perhaps you’re terrified at starting your own business and need guidance. Maybe you already have the skills to start a salon business but you just can’t bring yourself to do so. Moving past this obstacle could be a personal lifestyle goal or a salon professional goal; it doesn’t really matter where you put it in your goal setting area. The only thing that matters is that you set the goal and begin to work on that area.

Financial Goals

Financial goals could be goals that mean you want to earn more money professionally or they could be goals where you work on spending less money in your personal life. Whatever area of your life is affected, that is where you want to put your financial goals. Whether it is a personal lifestyle goal or a salon professional goal isn’t what’s important. What is important is that you identify an area of your life where you are committed to making an improvement and begin by writing down your goal setting strategy.

A Goal for Each Area of Your Life

Balance is the key when it comes to setting and reaching goals. That’s because setting and reaching goals is a tool we use to lead happy and successful lives. For this reason, try not to have every goal in one category only, such as your salon professional goals or your financial goals. In fact, see how many categories you can think of to set goals in order to help you achieve that balance. Did you know that some people even need to set goals for their leisure life? That’s right! See how many categories you can come up with to set and reach goals. Go ahead, have fun; don’t limit goals to the work part of life; set goals for fun too!

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