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How to Create a Must-Read Beauty Salon E-Newsletter

images (11)Think an e-newsletter is passé and the definition of boring? You may want to have another look. Done right, an e-newsletter remains one of the best ways to engage followers directly, one to one. Additionally, an e-newsletter benefits tremendously from its connection with email, in that it is eminently trackable, conversational, and sharable via social media and even video.

Now that we have that said, let’s check out five ways you can make your e-newsletter get noticed, and be shared around the Web.

5 Ways to craft a great beauty salon e-newsletter

  1. Pick your topic carefully – Understand who your core audience is, and then niche down from that point, until you hit the specific vein you want to mine. Resist the instinct to go wide, like “hair”. Go narrow and deep.
  2. Present them something to click – You’re just not doing your job if you aren’t providing something for them to click, be it a a related article, a promotion, surveys or a link back to your site for you to continue the engagement.
  3. Create content people are dying to share – Readers are seeking useful and leading edge information. Make sure and offer news, marketing information, human interest, and appeal to your readers for engagement with your goal being to build relationship. Don’t be shy about selling your wares, but don’t let it be your sole purpose of sending the e-newsletter. Promote sharing!
  4. Serve your reader – Understanding your audience and providing what they are seeking in terms of information goes a long way toward determining the success or failure of your e-newsletter. Routinely engage and ask questions that lead you to topics which need to be written about, and then deliver.
  5. Share content across channels – This is a way for you to really pump up the readership of your e-newsletter. Utilize surveys, polls, and crowdsourcing (queries on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs) to discover the subject areas your readers would like to know about. This has the benefit of being able to share the most useful stories in your e-newsletter across your social channels. What’s more readers and quite often the subjects you write about do the same!

How to Connect with Beauty Salon Buyers using Google Local

images (12)Ever since Google merged with Google Places to be Google Local, there’s been uncertainty as to making use of this platform for business. It has now become much clearer. Businesses are beginning to see the immense opportunity Google Local is offering, and they’re finding ingenious ways to find buyers and prospects.

Let’s discover you can do that too! Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Be sure your Google Local page sticks out – The first and probably most significant task is to make sure that your page is entirely completed. Fill in all text areas that are asked for, as this makes a difference in how Google ranks your page. Also, use a ton of images, as this also affects the ranking of your page. There’s also the benefit of being allowed to present a vivid look at your site and merchandise.
  • Use the Google Local Search function to find buyers – Using Google to look for new buyers and customers is a cinch. Simply use the search bar at the top of your Google page to look for people who are already discussing your niche or company. Add them to your Circles and begin connecting with them!
  • Engage with Google Communities or video – A very good way to leverage your Google Local page is by engaging directly with your people in Google ‘Communities’ or via video chats. One amazing example of a company that has gotten this down is Cadbury. You could also lead people to tempting offers and coupons which can be accessed directly from your website. This is an brilliant method to convert Google visitors to onsite buyers.
  • Use Google Hangouts to spread the word – There are many ways to use this very cool tool to boost your business. You can hold webinars, training sessions, online press conferences, offer free consults (about your business) and possibly even your own show. Google records these, sends you the file, which you can then upload to YouTube if you want. See the possibilities?

I hope you’re seeing the potential of what Google along with Google Local, YouTube and the rest of the Google suite can do for your business. Get started on Google Local today!

How to Cash in on the Mobile Revolution

download (2)The web is going mobile, and it’s not too late to climb onboard the mobile bandwagon and capture a slice of what is turning out to be a rather large pie! Google reports that more than one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices of some kind. Everyone is doing business on the go, browsing and price comparing on the way to shop. The time has come to make certain that your beauty salon business is aligned to take advantage of this mobile advancement. Listed here are five easy ways to get this done!

  1. Get your site mobile ready – Ensuring that your site is viewable on any mobile device is a mandatory first step. The main focus here is on a fast loading site. It has been shown that you have about five seconds for your site to load on a mobile device or your viewer is on their way elsewhere. Be sure your site loads quickly and accurately.
  2. Offering deals, coupons and incentives to readers – 29% of consumers indicate a readiness to download a coupon from their mobile device. Take them up on it! At present, only 10% of consumers have gotten a coupon from a local merchant, according to a poll from Mercator Advisory Group. It’s time for you to get out ahead of this trend and stake your claim!
  3. Buy inexpensive mobile advertising – Mobile paid ads are the new kid on the block, but there is a lot of opportunity with these. Costs are still very reasonable, and you could get a boatload of targeted traffic to your site rapidly.
  4. Create a mobile loyalty program – Utilizing a mobile platform to make a mobile loyalty program is just a smart thing to do. No longer only used by eating establishments, you can make rabid fans by utilizing a simple, easy to use digital loyalty card application.
  5. Utilize mobile email and SMS – Mobile email is now being opened at a rate of 41%, and it’s on pace to surpass PC open rates by the end of 2013, reported by SMS (texting) has a whopping 95% open rate. These two stats by themselves should be plenty to get you involved with the mobile side of marketing!