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Why Content Marketing Is Important For Your Beauty Salon Business

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Content marketing might be a term you’ve heard tossed about lately, and still may not know exactly what it means for your beauty salon business. Simply put, content marketing is the practice of creating, collecting, and making available fresh content for one’s readers. This may come in various forms, including blog posts, articles, whitepapers, short reports, videos, podcasts, ebooks, social media and more. We live in an age that treasures information, and the more you are able to present your readers with the more authority you will carry in their eyes, which can often result in better rankings, increased traffic, links, and sales.

Content marketing is getting more and more popular

According to, this year some 74 percent of businesses anticipate doing an increased level of content marketing. Only 4 percent are not. There are many reasons for this, among them cost-effectiveness, near-instant results and control over the medium. With content marketing you are able to shape your message, control the flow, and utilize many different mediums to get your content to your market. For example, an article or blog post can be written, posted on your site, excerpted in social media, made into a video or audio and social bookmarked across the web. Repurposing your content for various platforms is the order of the day. Furthermore, this can easily happen frequently, and an entire content marketing campaign can be realized quite swiftly.

Want an example of how content marketing made a difference?

The New York Times profiled a Northern Virginia company, River Pools and Spas, which had watched as their sales plummeted because of the housing recession of 2008. Incoming orders (average $50,000 per order) withered from around six a month to less than two! Their past advertising budget of $250,000 yearly on radio, TV and pay per click advertising simply had to go. Owner Marcus Sheridan launched an aggressive content marketing campaign consisting primarily of blog posts and videos, and within a relatively short time, had not just regained what was lost but beat pre-recessions sales figures.

There’s little question that content marketing can provide results, and that it should have a place in your online marketing strategy for 2013.

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Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit

Don’t Be The Last to Know What Your Beauty Salon Clients And Customers Want

Frustrated Beauty Pro

Learning what your current and potential clients and customers really think about you can be both a fearsome and instructive thing. Doesn’t it only make sense to locate any problem areas or holes in your customer service you’re not aware of? The best way to obtain this type of info is to just ask them! Using a thoughtful customer survey can be a super tool to help you learn answers to questions you didn’t know you had!

So why ask at all?

The main incentive for a client or customer survey is to head off problems before they become part of your reputation, and discover tips on how to strengthen your service or products. Most of the time, we never learn about a dissatisfied client or customer: they’ll just look somewhere else. has found that more than half of consumers have experienced issues and complaints with the goods and services they’ve purchased. Having a survey helps you find and correct mistakes that can be the difference between hanging onto a client and customer or not.

What kind of questions work best?

Make sure you have a clear objective to your surveys, and that you pose questions that require  more than ticking a box, or assigning a number to your query. Avoid “Yes” or “No” questions. Allow them to expand on their experience and opinions. (This can often be a good way to collect beauty salon testimonials!)

How exactly should you hold the survey?

There a variety of ways to conduct a survey. However, if possible, the most effective way seems to be via an online survey, thus giving the respondent a good chance to think about and form well thought-out answers, something that may not occur via a phone call or personal contact. Look at offering an incentive for filling out your survey, and try to be timely as to when you send it. If you’re new to this, consider using a company who specializes in this type of data collection, such as SurveyMonkey. However you achieve it, getting a read on how your clients and customers view your beauty salon business is invaluable data to have.

Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit