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Beauty Salons Educators: Webinar systems too pricy? Google Hangouts Could Be the Answer!

Charlotte Howard

If you are a beauty salon educator like me. You may be looking for a reliable tool to deliver high quality webinars for your target audience and guests at the perfect price point. I have found an alternative which I will be using in addition to our own paid webinar system which we are setting up now.

Google is known for coming up with new programs and then ditching them when they don’t work out. Anyone recall Google Wave, Google Buzz and now Google Reader? Even though many have predicted a very similar fate for Google , an addition to that one may save the day. Google Hangouts is Google’s latest addition, and one that truly has lots of usefulness. (Especially for marketers!)

Google Hangouts – So what is it exactly?

A drop dead easy tool for teleconferencing that could replace or augment your present webinar or online seminar solutions. Linked to your Google account, a hangout is a breeze to launch, and has several attractive features for marketers. You and up to ten other participants, together with any number of other viewers can see your hangout live. It can be broadcast from your Google page, YouTube channel, or a page on your site. Google records the Hangout, and then a few minutes after you’re done, delivers a YouTube URL to you, which you are able to then use in many ways.

How to utilize Google Hangouts in your beauty salon education marketing

There are tons of ways to integrate Google Hangouts into your beauty salon education marketing. Listed below are 10 ways people are using successfully.

  • Beauty Salon Webinars – A free alternative to expensive webinar systems such as GoToWebinar.
  • Beauty Salon Conferences – Setup shop at any conference you happen to be attending and share the experience!
  • Beauty Salon Meetings – Hold virtual meetings in an informal, yet immediate venue.
  • Beauty Salon Product Launches – Create a buzz to help your product launch gain traction.
  • Beauty Salon Interviews – Interviewing people made easy with Hangouts! Recorded, and transcribed.
  • Beauty Salon Product Demos – Show people what you’ve got, live and in person!
  • Beauty Salon Virtual Press Conference – Share newsworthy items via Hangouts.
  • Beauty Salon Live Streaming Events – Want your own weekly live TV show? Many marketers now use Google Hangouts for precisely this purpose.
  • Beauty Salon Q & A with Customers – Learn what your customers want and need easily. Great trust builder!
  • Beauty Salon Podcast from your Hangout – Making a Podcast to share through iTunes is incredibly easy to accomplish.

Google Hangouts is a fantastic new tool to include in your beauty salon education marketing mix. Don’t miss your chance to connect with your customers in a meaningful way.

Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit

Beauty Salon Professionals: Don’t Diss Design – It Matters!

Charlotte Howard

So you don’t think design is important in first impressions? Guess again! A study by researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2012 revealed that it takes two-tenths of a second to form a first impression, give or take a nanosecond. This makes it significantly important, as the ability to obtain good design is growing, to make certain that we are doing all we can to get that favorable recognition. This is extremely vital for beauty salon business, as a poor design will frequently lead to trust issues, an essential factor for smaller enterprises seeking to build their brand.

How can we promote good beauty salon design?

The first place to start is with some thought. Understanding how you wish to present your beauty salon brand and products is primarily influenced in the planning stage. That very same study revealed that your logo gets the lion’s share of a visitor’s attention, with images and social interaction following closely on its heels. In other words, the visual elements matter! Now that you have the data, you truly have no excuse. I mean you really don’t, because cost is not much of a viable excuse for inaction.

How are the benefits?

The benefits of good design in your beauty salon business are many and sometimes intangible. While a visual overhaul of your website is fairly obvious, other items like product packaging, your print and web advertising, and even site graphics are being shared, Pinned and ReTweeted from your webpages. We are observing daily how much this can impact your site’s reach and customer base. What’s more, that special feeling that visitors get when viewing an outstanding design may be hard to quantify, but when your site’s traffic increase and sales increase for no other apparent reason, you’ll be very glad you took a long look at your visual design elements today!

About Author:
Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit

Want to Learn the Secret to Successful Beauty Salon Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are probably the fastest, easiest and most effective do-it-yourself platforms for obtaining traffic to your beauty salon offers, building email lists, and for practically any other objective imaginable for your beauty salon website. Ad campaigns are extremely easy to set up, include excellent targeting tools, and can be online within minutes. There is one factor to understand, however, when it comes to getting the best results and return on investment: That is finding the most effective images available. It has been shown that imagery is 70-89 percent of the success or failure of a Facebook ad campaign. Let’s take a look at some useful tips for getting the most from your Facebook ad images.

5 Awesome Tips for Facebook Beauty Salon Ad Images

Creating an ad that produces a real impact and statement for your product or services is a matter of standing out from the rest. Here are five ways to do just that!

  1. Use very high quality stock images – Since your images are going to end up very small, make certain you’re purchasing from a reputable resource. Fotolia and iStockPhoto are two of our faves. The XS size of available images will be fine, as even these are cut down to the size of a postage stamp (110×80 pixels).
  2. Crop your photos to deliver maximum impact – Crop your photos tightly to focus on the most important aspect of your ad. Cropping faces from the eyes to mouth is the most impactful technique for riveting people images. Also, make sure that your model’s eyes have life. When using product images, get close!
  3. Choose eye-catching colors – Using bright, visually arresting images can do wonders for your click-thru rates. Too many people opt to blend in with the pervasive Facebook blue, and thus consign their ads to a form of “banner blindness”.
  4. Choose attractive images – Unless you are going for a certain statement, opt for the most attractive photos you can find. People are attracted to beauty. Period. This isn’t to say that sometimes beauty can’t be trumped by cute, funny or outrageous.
  5. Use humor when you can – All of us love a good laugh. If you have the opportunity to inject humor into your ad, don’t miss it! It will surely result in a higher clickthrough rate!

For some really good examples of these imagery principles in action, check out this great article at Search Engine Watch.

About Author:
Charlotte Howard is a Radio Host and Beauty Salon Success Coach. She specializes in beauty salon business start-up and client attraction. Contact her today for all of your burning beauty salon business questions, visit