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Set Your Fanbase Ablaze with These 5 Beauty Salon Business Tips


It’s no secret that the best way to boost revenue is to get new beauty salon business. And one of the best ways to gain new beauty salon business is from customer referrals. There’s little that speaks as glowingly about your beauty salon business than your current and past customers raving about it. Best of all, usually this most powerful form of advertising doesn’t have to cost you a cent!

Here are 5 tips to get your beauty salon customers bragging about you and your brand.

  1. Strive to be outstanding – If your beauty salon business isn’t trying to be flat out memorable in everything you do, it will likely be hard to create raving fans. You can find ordinary beauty salon businesses everywhere you look; it’s your job to go that one step further, give that extra effort, and give them a reason to tout your beauty salon business. What’s nice though is that this will pay off exponentially!
  2. Connect with social media – Make sure you’re connecting with your customers using social media. Often companies will set up social channels, and then neglect them, often at their peril, as these can be conduits to problems, opportunities and relationships. Your customers use them, to be sure, if they have an issue with you, so make sure you get ahead of this.
  3. Deal with problems proactively – Whenever you do have a problem, dealing with it quickly, professionally and generously is by far the best way to score a few points with not just the customer in question, but all those who happen to view or find out about this, often through the customers themselves, whether good or bad!
  4. Ask for reviews – Unquestionably the best place to generate great buzz about your products and services is through the reports and reviews of your current and former buyers. Be sure to encourage satisfied customers to post reviews, both on the site and on merchant review sites like Yelp. This will help immeasurably, and over 90 percent of people seek out reviews before shopping.
  5. Treat your customers as you would expect to be treated – only better! – Developing a relationship with your customers, in which you regularly connect with them by asking opinions and offering free advice, is the foundation for fostering the kind of goodwill it requires for them to become a raving fan of your brand. Get enough of them shouting your virtues on the rooftops, and your problems are over!

Need an Email Marketing Application for Your Beauty Salon? – Here’s How to Choose


Having a terrific email marketing application to utilize is a vital part of your online business marketing. Some of the things you’ll need in a service include one that will deliver your emails promptly and consistently, but in addition provides the tools required for you to properly analyze your efforts. You also need the capability to send and schedule emails, the ability to use both plain text and html, email tracking, analytics, a form builder and more. So which do you choose? There are lots of capable services, though each has its own quirks and strengths. To help you choose we’ve covered five of the most popular ones used by online marketers, and given you a running start!

5 Top email marketing applications for beauty salons

  • AWeber Long regarded as the best service around, AWeber carries a reputation for perhaps the best deliverability in the industry, due in large part to their very strict policies concerning the composition of your lists. You can’t simply add names you might have stumbled upon or purchased into their lists; they must be very clean. They nearly demand double-optin. You could do single optin, but you will need to jump through some hoops to do so. They’ve got good reporting, analytics are fine, and their forms builder is straightforward to use. Prices start at $19 a month.
  • Oprius This service is a favorite among many beauty salon businesses, and they’re very affordable. Oprius simplifies everything that you need to run your beauty salon business and brings it together in one place. You can create Lead Capture Pages and Widgets (forms) that you can put on any website, then start your leads on an automatic sales process. Automatic Reminders will make sure that none of your contacts slip through the cracks, which means that you make more money. Oprius is a excellent choice for getting started. Oprius offers a 30-day free trial, and costs start at $24.99 after that. (deals are available!)
  • Madmimi A good place for beginners to start, as they offer a free option (with drip campaign) and are inexpensive to boot. They boast some impressive analytics reports including email open rates, social analytics, good deliverability, and integrate your social media services. They’ve got premade templates you can utilize, but their builder is sub-standard. Still overall, Madmimi offers great value for the money.
  • iContact – For people who are into easy to use interfaces, iContact may be your best choice. In addition they are also attractively priced, starting at around $10 a month. iContact integrates with a lot of other services as well, such as SalesForce, Analytics and more. One bad thing is that they offer no customer service on the weekends.
  • Constant Contact – ConstantContact is far more than an email service provider. This is both an advantage and a minus. They provide a number of other services, such as apps and integrations, a daily deal application (a la Groupon) and also give a free trial. One major downside is that they have the lowest deliverability among the major services, and the site itself is clunky and hard to navigate.

Whoever you choose, make sure they have what you need in an email mailing service. Used wisely, this can be one of your most useful online marketing tools.

Is Twitter a Good Tool for Beauty Salon Businesses?


Twitter recently announced that its paid ad platform is now open to any who would like to use it. In testing for over a year, Twitter has been gauging user feedback and refining Twitter ads. Probably the most noticeable difference in this ad platform vs. Facebook’s is you are only charged when anyone follows your promoted account from your ad, or someone retweets, replies, favorites or clicks on your promoted tweets. Now that Twitter has ads, can it qualify as a real substitute for Facebook? Who wins this battle?

Facebook vs. Twitter!

Back in the day, (a couple of years ago) this would have been no contest. Now – not so sure who wins. Certainly, there are numerous variables that will factor into who takes home the crown. I suspect that the answer in fact may well be, it depends. Facebook has been the undisputed King of social media, considering the practical advantages it had. The first huge network to utilize personal and business pages, along with an ad platform that for people who understand how to use it, that rivals anything Google aspires to.

The Case for Facebook

Besides the obvious business pages that are getting more and more useful, the grasp of its network is truly incredible. With more than a billion users, Facebook has developed into a lot more than a place where you could catch up with with old school chums. Now, with well-oiled Facebook Pages, relevant groups and an extremely robust ad platform, you have most everything you could want in a social media outlet.

Twitter’s Turn

Twitter has always had the extra edge when it came to immediacy, and has produced several very useful applications, such as advanced search for leads, along with the opportunity to use embedded Tweets as testimonials. (Terrific social proof!) It’s a wonderful platform (though underused) for handling your beauty salon business customer service. While the length of the content you can share is limited, Twitter’s speed and ability to reach out quickly have now got them breathing the same air as Facebook.

Take some time to find where your beauty salon market is, and what social outlets they utilize best, then see if that one (Or both of them!) fits your beauty salon business!.

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