images (14) A new way to make your Google+ Local listings differentiate themselves from the crowd has recently been introduced, and it’s called Google Business Photos. It is a series of photos of your place of business, done in a panoramic style and attached to your search, Google+ page, and Maps entries. You also have the option of placing it on your site and Facebook or other social media accounts.

Why is Google Business Photos a good idea?

Implementing this can help you in multiple ways. First, it can help create more trust in searchers. They can see your establishment in all its glory, and get a feel for the type of place you have. It’s like you’re welcoming them inside. Second, it really helps make your listings stand out from the crowd. You may have done well and gotten yourself on the first page of Google, but this listing, featuring a panoramic shot of your business, will be by far the most interesting item on that page. Third, you’ll gain from the authority Google will assign your business. You’re going to be recognized as the primary site for your brand, which can help in several ways, not the least of which is reputation management.

How do you get started with Google Business Photos?

While you may well be all fired up and ready to grab your phone and start snapping shots, you need to know that at the moment, Google requires business owners to utilize a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer. These photographers have undergone training by Google in exactly how to not just create the pictures, but how to best enhance them. Once you locate one, (a Google search – Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer + Your City) should suffice; you make an appointment. You’ll get tips on how to best stage and prepare your business for the shoot, which will take about an hour. Because this is about showing off your establishment, you don’t need to be in the pictures. In fact, Google wants as few humans as possible in them.

If you have a business that could benefit by enhancing your Google+ Local listing, then this product was made with you in mind. Check it out today!