EXCERPT: Chapter 9: Creating What You Want in Life
… My doctor demanded I find a new profession. I turned to my doctor and said, “Are you kidding me? I love what I do.” … I knew I had to make a change quickly. I knew that my kids needed their mommy to be healthy….
How many times have you had a report from the doctor that turned your life around? How many times have you thought to yourself it would be nice to be doing something else, something you are actually passionate about? Charlotte Howard was already living her passion when the Doctor’s report came in .. and yet her life HAD changed .. Find out what she did to keep that passion burning and fulfill her life long Dreams…

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Charlotte Howard Radio Host & Beauty Salon Success Coach .. You are one of the most beautifully inspiring women I know. You are a breath of fresh and a true testament to living your beauty from the inside out! I love you girl!-Adrienne Santana