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Earth day is upon us again, and it’s an excellent time to look at how Green Marketing can be a effective way to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. This is not just a sensible way to conserve our precious natural resources, but it has developed into a hot political and social topic in our communities. The most obvious reason to embrace Green marketing would be to manage our available resources with an eye toward good stewardship. Having said that, you would be wise to keep your beauty salon business’s public image in mind simultaneously, because the image it projects is often a deciding factor for many people these days. Many will opt for an eco-friendly choice over another company that doesn’t exercise Green marketing on principle alone.

How to attract and appeal to socially conscious beauty salon consumers

Getting the word out in your regular media is an important path for many companies to stress your green practices, improve your public image, and generate overall good will. According to a report by D S Simon Productions, “media initiatives with a corporate social responsibility focus generates 35-50% more positive media coverage on television, radio, web and social media than comparable programs without the CSR hook”. Developing “green teams” within your business can get employees involved and help brand your business as one that truly cares about conservation and the green initiative. Organizations like EarthShare can help.

How Arya Cleaners parlayed their green initiative into brand awareness

Arya Cleaners, a dry cleaner in Chula Vista CA, went all in for green marketing and it paid off handsomely. Replacing their natural gas burning water heaters with a new technology that transfers heat from the boiler to their commercial laundry machines, updating their company vehicle with a fuel efficient clean burning delivery van, and also by using wet-cleaning technology that reduced their use of PERC (perchloroethylene), a harmful chemical solvent used by dry cleaners, by 90%, are a few of the steps they took.

This lead to Arya Cleaners being named a Small Business Excellence Award Winner, being a Certified Chula Vista Clean Business, and being given the Mayor’s award for excellence in 2009 for green friendly business practices. Arya has got it. Branding themselves as an eco-friendly business in a business where there are few who are doing so made a big difference. Make a plan to embrace green marketing today, and see if it doesn’t have a positive effect on your bottom line!

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