crsisIf you’ve had to weather an online PR crisis without a plan in place to manage it, then you know how important it is to have one. Nowadays when bad news travels so quickly, you really don’t have the luxury of “getting to it later”. Your brand may already be sinking before you even begin bailing! Dealing with a public relations crisis online takes agility, clear thinking and above all, a plan. Let’s look at some of what ought to be in that plan!

How your beauty salon business can survive an online PR disaster

Here are a few things to include in your plan so you have a shot at getting through the crisis.

  • Have clear posting guidelines – If staff are left to their own devices, very often they can offend without realizing it. Having clearly established posting guidelines for social media and especially YouTube is a wise way to ensure that everyone is working from the same page. Of particular importance is what needs to happen in the event of a problem, and just what to do when this occurs.
  • Don’t try to hide – Trying to act is if nothing has happened is a strategy all right, but for disaster! You should remove the offending content as rapidly as you can, and make sure to not only be all over it, but to answer intelligently and proactively to the problem. This is the best way to limit harm to your brand.
  • PR disaster code of conduct – Not only should you not hide from said crisis, but you must be the very definition of sincerity, and professionalism. Don’t try to deflect blame, or fire back at the offended party. Make sure and take ownership of the situation, and respond with civility even if every fiber of your being really wants to sling mud! Also, be sure to not use canned messages in response to this type of problem: All this says is you’re either not prepared to deal with it or you simply can’t be bothered!

There are some more examples of what we’re talking about here. Creating a plan to deal with a PR crisis shouldn’t be something you’ll “get to later”. Do it now, so you’ll have it in place when the need arises!