bigstock-Thinking-Woman-Making-Decision-44303686-470x447Happy Wednesday Morning!

I hope you are having an amazing week. This week I wanted to talk with you about content marketing for your beauty salon business.

Content marketing suffers from a lack of trust. According to ContentPlus, 70 percent of consumers prefer learning about a company via the content on their site versus ads, yet still companies spend much more on advertising than on content creation. This is most likely because content marketing results take more time to quantify, produce and bear fruit than do many advertising models. Nevertheless, what is clear is that content marketing is without question the best way to establish authority and your brand.

Content marketing is an essential part of the success of your beauty salon business!

While it can be difficult and time-consuming, if you wish to develop your brand into a long-term success on the Web, you need to sell out to making content marketing a fundamental piece of your online marketing. How do you make it work for you? With all of the new content arriving daily, what can you do to make yours stick out from the pack?

5 Ways to make your beauty salon business content marketing rock!

  1. Write what your audience wants to read – Ask or otherwise obtain clues as to what your site visitors desire to read, and supply this. Looking at your Google Analytics for your most read pages is a help in this.
  2. Write substance – Longer, more substantive content is what Search engines love, and consequently this type of content is shared a great deal more often.
  3. Answer questions – One of the better ways to endear yourself to your readers, is to answer their concerns and questions. See how one pool company did it.
  4. Use Google authorship – Not only does this help in the search results, it can boost your authority in Google.
  5. Encourage and promote sharing – Sharing brings links and traffic. Have you already got enough off those? Keep in mind that social signals surrounding your content are now part of Google’s search ranking algorithm.

Get your content marketing working for you now so don’t have to buy that traffic later.