Bingo Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Your business will definitely benefit from a branded event marketing that promotes your name as well as creating exposure that will bring in potential clients. As a salon owner, there are various approaches to building the brand for your business locally. But one that works time and time again, across generations and social status, is creating a buzz through client relation events with a bingo twist.

Rewarding your customers with generous gifts for their continuous support for your salon or spa is a great way of building your brand and maintaining a good relation with your clients. Every Christmas, global coffee brand Starbucks manages to bring in more sales because customers are enticed to fill their cards with stickers. With every purchase of their product comes the stickers that give them the chance to get the premium annual planner that practically everyone raves about. This branding technique, similar to the nature of bingo cards, gives you the leverage of using daily items bearing your logo to work your marketing for you.

The face-to-face interactions that are inevitably brought about by the nature of in-house events works well for local business that provides personal services like your salon. Organizing a bingo event for your existing and potential patrons or even for charities gets a lot of exposure from local media news and newspapers. Give your customers freebies or gift certificates for completing a bingo pattern or winning the whole game. Your brand will surely get passed on better compared to using expensive advertisements that are not streamlined to your target market. Also use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your event online.

If you are planning to launch a new hair care product or to reinvent a service to meet modern needs, launch it with a memorable tagline or a matching character your clients can identify with every time. Imagine BingoGodz‘s Afro-Dity, the disco deity with the voluminous up-do. Having a visual representation of your product would also work heavily to your advantage.

It all boils down to the kind of experience you leave your customers with. When your clients are having a great time with your events, they will associate these positive experiences to your brand and return as happy customers.