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I know. You probably haven’t been inspired to market like either one, but maybe it’s time to re-consider.

I’ve always admired infomercials. No matter the product, I’m salivating to buy it before the segment is half over.

That’s power, folks!

 Infomercials take a seemingly mundane household product and make it larger than life. In fact, they have the viewer believing that they can’t live without it. And just 5 minutes ago, the viewer did not even know they needed it.

 These savvy marketers tap into what we don’t even know we need and show us how shortchanged we are not to have the device. It’s a skill that requires research and an intimate knowledge of a market.

Now, juxtapose that scene with a beer commercial. What have they given the world? A famous line of “Whaddup?” Loud, obnoxious sounds that only teenage boys love—and for what purpose? Teenage boys can’t buy their product.

 Beer commercials give us funny, stupid social scenes between young people that somehow involve a brand of beer. They show us that beer is hip, cool.

Let’s break it down some more:

An infomercial:

  • Pushes all your buying buttons
  • Understands what the target audience wants better than they do
  • Gets right to the point and keeps driving that point home
  • Fills a need the target audience didn’t know they had
  • Closes the sale with a solid guarantee
  • Closes the sale with a terrific offer
  • Advertisers know what they spent on the infomercial and how much they sold

Total score for a really good infomercial—10

A beer ad:

  • No target audience
  • No real message
  • No guarantee
  • No real reason to buy the product
  • Beer advertisers pat themselves on the back for making a cool commercial

Total score for a “really good” beer ad-0 (unless you’re an under aged teenager)

As a business owner which would you rather have?

You want advertising that’s measurable and resonates with your audience. Guess what? The same is true for your clients.

Useful, helpful, informative and “make my everyday life easier,” always wins out over cool. The world has plenty of cool and hip—an exclusive group that doesn’t pretend to try to understand anyone else.

What the world doesn’t have is an inclusive group that says, “We get what you need and we want to help.”

Your clients are looking for someone that understands their world, their needs, and their desires.

You can be cool for awhile with no one really remembering where the cool saying, cool service, or cool product actually started.

Or you can build a solid relationship, provide incredible value and rock the Casbah for many years. Which do you think will make you more money and more friends?

Uh-huh. Play the cool right. Build solid relationships that make you money.

Your choice.

Behind door #2,


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