By Lisa B. Marshall

One thing I’ve learned from sitting in my hair stylist’s chair for hours at a time is that she’s incredibly talented and knowledgeable. We recently had a 2 hour conversation about color matching. I not only learned a great deal, her passion for the topic made the time fly by.

I thought, “She should share this information with more of her clients. I’m sure they would enjoy it as much as I did.”  I recommended she consider promoting her salon through public speaking.  It’s a wonderful way to share knowledge and to expand a customer base. Free seminars on the latest products, current hair and makeup trends would be a big draw.

Promote Your Business with Public Speaking

Bydelivering in-person presentations, you’ll show the audience your passion for your work. Demonstrating your talents in front of a group will set you apart from your competition and create word-of-mouth buzz.

When you present yourself publicly and you make a good impression, you’re developing trust. And for many businesses, like yours and mine, we have to earn the trust of our clients.

Give Them Information, Not a Sales Pitch 

People will come to your seminars for information. Teach them something. Think about what information you could share that’s very closely related to your services and that your target market would be interested in. While it’s ok to mention a product line you carry or tell a little about your salon, don’t just give them a 15 minute sales pitch.

Top Ten Lists Work Well

For businesses, “top ten list” talks work well in public speaking. Title your presentation something like “The 10 Big Fashion Mistakes you’re Probably Making” or “The 10 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of the Year”. Provide practical, relevant information that is organized in the form of a list of questions, secrets, or tips. You can include topics like:

Can I wear bangs if I’m over 30?

How do I choose a hair color that complements my skin tone?

How to make a Strong First Impression in an Interview

What your style reveals about your personality.

Do your homework to find questions or topics that will interest your clients.. Choose topics from the latest style magazines or from conversations with your clients. For a 5-minute talk, do 3 to 5 questions. If you have 10 minutes you could do 5 questions at 2 minutes each or maybe 8 questions at a minute each.

Stories from Your Experience Are Important

Give personal examples of the idea you’re discussing. For example, you might tell a funny story from cosmetology school or a horror story about a difficult client. People not only easily remember stories, but they retell them to other people—which can only help your business!

Public speaking is a fun, easy way to promote your business and set you apart from your competition. Look for opportunities to speak such as community center events, business women’s luncheon’s, and church seminars. You’ll establish yourself as an expert, create an important network, and bring in new clients.

Communication expert Lisa B. Marshall (, is author of best-selling book Smart Talk & web-based course Powerful Presenter, host of the Public Speaker, a free top iTunes podcast and delivers consulting and workshops.

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