Last week I registered for the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit! Yes I did it! It may sound crazy to you but not to me. I am very excited,because I get to hear from some of the most powerful, successful, entrepreneurs who are really making a difference in the lives of others without trying to keep a secret lol.

Everybody has a reason for doing things in life and my reason for signing up for the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit, all revolves back to me gaining the knowledge, connections and mentorship I need to grow my business and have a balance lifestyle too.

What am I so geeked up about?

* Gaining key strategies from Donna Maria Coles Johnson on enjoying my life while pursuing my passion.

* Finding out the Seven Wealthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs from Deborah Owens, I am going to be so glued to this.

* While my brand new book “Hair$tylist Riches” will be published in August. I am certainly looking forward to learning more gold nuggets from on of my favorite mentors Pam Perry, as she shares with us “How to Build Your Business Using Your Book”. Let me tell you right now have your pencil and paper ready to go!

* Discovering “How to Get Paid For What I Know” this is something that I am certainly looking forward to from another one of my mentors Lashanda Henry. She is the money making queen I love her and plus she gives it to you straight. Make sure you listen carefully because I am positive she will share techniques that you never even thought of trust me.

* Building my Brand through Social Media. If you are not using social media to build your brand,you are totally missing the boat. Truth be told a majority of my clients come from social media and you will want to keep up with what is working and how to implement effectively. So I am thrilled to hear how Jai Stone is exploding her business with this. My ears are open and my hands are ready to implement!

* Developing key relationships with brands using the power of blogs. Having a blog will help you to make some major connections that will benefit both parties. But how do you actually learn how to take advantage of this as a newbie? I am looking forward to hearing from Onica Cupido as she shares what I need to do to build a relationship with brands.

* Find out what it takes to build my list and attract clients. There are several techniques to do this but do you know which ones are working today? Lashanda Henry has been my go to person for a long time and I applaud her continuously for what she does, because I learn something new every time. I can’t wait to grab more gold nuggets from her.

* Using blogs to Profit, Build a Presence and Gain some PR that you may pay little to nothing for with Lamar Tyler. People want to see if you know your stuff, this is how you beat your competition.

* And Finally The Million Dollar Equation. What is this all about? Well you will just need to tune in while Richelle Shaw shares it with us. All right game on!

Now I know you really want to build your business! One way you can make a huge difference is by going to

Fact is I hope you get a seat in time because I am not sure how long my mentor Lashanda Henry can hold your place! Hey it will be on and popping at this TeleSummit on July 29th – July 30th 2011.



P.S. Tell me what you thought about the SistaSense Power Circle Telesummit, after you attend!

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