Hair Artist Association, LLC is devoted to empowering beauty salon experts; private and corporate owned beauty salon businesses on how to market and sell effortlessly.

Our experience

Our team consists of highly educated beauty, business, marketing, publishing, eCommerce, coaching, energy healing and lifestyle experts that are certified to work in their area of expertise. This empowers our clients to achieve high levels of success in their life and business when working with us.

Our clients

Our clients are advancing heart centered independent beauty salon experts, private and corporate owned beauty salon businesses that want to start-up, market and sell their services faster and with less effort!

When we work with our clients they achieve: higher visibility, credibility, business growth, career growth and an improved lifestyle.

Our approach

We help advancing heart centered independent beauty salon experts, private and corporate beauty salon businesses grow by improving their achievement in the four strategic marketing drivers of beauty salon experts and businesses growth: reputation, reach, resell and referral.

We work continuously to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge in the field of beauty, business, eCommerce, marketing, energy healing, coaching and lifestyle—particularly local and internet education—while remaining grounded in proven beauty, business, marketing, energy healing, coaching, publishing and lifestyle strategies and practices.

The majority of our clients don’t have their own full-time beauty, business, energy healing, eCommerce, coaching, marketing, publishing and lifestyle staff; it is our objective to fill that role for them, implementing proven beauty, eCommerce, coaching, business,publishing, marketing and lifestyle systems with a sharp eye on measurable ROI.

If you want to create an extraordinary career, business and lifestyle. This is the association to join.

Our guarantee

Backed by our 365 days of non stop high quality guarantee!! If you don’t feel Hair Artist Association lives up to its promise, you can just cancel…

But once you get into the groove and see a windfall or two, I’m confident you’ll stick with it. Who wouldn’t? So go ahead, set yourself up for colossal success. Contact us today!!